This pigmy goat was found in the middle of the road and spent the night with Abbey and me on the kitchen couch until his owners were found the next day.

Abbey Hunting
Thunder Meadow Shooting Preserve

Abbey Cooling Off

Miya in Grandpa's Favorite Hat

Miya's First Swim Lesson

Miya's Advertisement for LL Bean

The Falls 1

The Falls 2

Abbey's Headrest

Our Favorite Game

Snowco's Pick of The Litter (Brutus)


Grandpa Spoiling the Crew

Our first Lab, Samantha Tweezer with our First Morgan Breeding Stallion, L'Ghorns Sealect.


Knick Knack Of Snowco (Knickie) (1970's)
Proudly carries one of our horses many blue ribbon wins
That's a Retriever for you!

Abbey & Grandpa Snoozing In Front of the Fire 

Play Time On The Farm 

Sticky Time

Miss Miya

Miya & Jazz Rock Hunting

Jazz Dives For Rocks

Fun Time In The Back Yard

Our Rescue Rambo 

We took Rambo from neighbors because of mistreatment. He came to live with us as the only boy amongst a crew of girls. His temperament was unsurpassed as he would spend his days in the kennel with our weaned puppies as our surrogate babysitter.

Jazz Coaches Moose

And The Race Is On (Miya & Cappy)

Ha Ha, Beat Ya Mom (Miya & Moose)

Come On, Come On, Throw It Already (Moose)

Moose's Pool Party  (5/07)

Class of 2007 Obedience Graduation






Star Lite Beau Ideal (Beau Beau)
(Patty Snow Up)

 Snow's Oh Suzanna (Patty Snow Up)
Hunt Seat Metal On The Flat

Star Lite Beau Ideal
(Patty Snow Whip)
Jr. Exhibitor Park Harness

Snow's Independence (Indy)
(Patty Snow Up)
Youth Park Saddle Res. Champ.

Snow's Oh Suzanna
(Patty Snow Up)
Junior Exhibitor Western Pleasure

      Snow's Mr. Surgarbush (Sugar)
(Patty Snow Up)
Youth English Pleasure Champion

Snow's Bit-A-Honey
(Susan Snow Up)
Ladies Western Pleasure

      Snow's Up-N-Adam (Adam)
(Susan Snow Up)
Novice Western Pleasure

Snow's Oh Suzanna
(Susan Snow Up)
Hunt Seat Metal On The Flat

      Snow's Independence
(Susan Snow Whip)
Ladies Park Harness

Snow's Mr. Sugarbush
6 Yr. Old Geldings In Hand

      Star Lite Beau Ideal
(Jim Borden Up)
First-Open Park Saddle

Robbie Sue's Hi Hope (Bambie) and her filly Snow's Sneak Preview (Sneakers)

One of Our First Morgan Stallions
Courtney Red  (Nancy Snow Up)

Nephew, J.J., Playing His Gameboy On His Pony Princess
This picture won first prize in a photo contest

Taking Time For Fun With The Oh So Versatile Morgan
Equinox Sandra  (Nancy Snow Up)

Ginger, Our First Shetland Pony
(Susan Snow Up)


Captain Peter Townsend (Pete) Thoroughbred/Qtr. Horse
Be My Guest (Buttons) Welsh/Arab

    Be My Guest (Patty Snow Up)
Dad calls this his "Add For Irish Whiskey"

  Sensation - Thoroughbred Jumper
(Patty Snow Up)

Beau Beau Enjoys A Bud In His Retirement  


I had Mo, Larry & Curly but unfortunately only Curly survived to be returned to the wild.   When you release a wild bird they come back after a few hours to be fed since they depend on you.  As the days go on they stay away longer and longer.  To walk into your yard and call them by name and have that wild baby, one of God's creatures, return to you is just incredible, brings tears to my eyes every time.  Although, eventually the wild hits (after about a week or so) and they never return.  Its very sad but knowing you saved another one to be returned to the wild is just so worth the heart ache.

Larry & Curly

 Larry The Computer Bird

Curly Ready For Dinner

 Curly Playing Hide & Seek

Both of these babies have been returned to the wild.
Homer still comes home for breakfast every morning 
and if your not quick enough he bangs on the window.



These cute guys were raised from small babies and released into the wild 
at Thunder Meadow in Up State, N.Y.

 Little Bear & Momma
Practicing Their Agility Course


I found this little baby (called a pup) on the floor of my sun porch. She was lying on
her side and I thought she was dead. 

When I picked her up she was limp and cold but she suddenly moved slightly so I put her in a towel and put her on top of a warm radiator and she perked right up.  

This is Sunny taking warm water from a bottle (she was so dehydrated).  She is now thriving on puppy Esbilac and will be returned to the wild when she is old enough. 

Her eyes just opened so she is 10-14 days old in these pics.

As a kid I bred and raised domestic mice so raising Sunny is a real treat.


These two little guys, Wilbur and Twiggy, fell from their nests at a local horse barn and the owner was afraid the barn cats would get them so  the "bird lady was called" and of course, I took them in.  

They were quite fresh and bold.  When they were old enough they flew around my kitchen like crazy and Wilbur would land on my shoulder and scream in my ear when he wanted to eat.  

They were still being raised for the wild while I was getting ready to whelp a litter of pups and I want to thank my good friends, Gene and Cathi, for taking them in to care for them while I whelped Jazz's litter.  There is no way I could have done that while feeding these two at the same time (every hour on the hour).  

They were both released together and it is the first time I have raised and released wild birds that did not return to me to be fed.  Very sad but at least I know they were ready to go and making it on their own.

Mom this nest is too small!             Ah, a bird bath                                  Boy, I'm lovin this                                Love a good chardonnay!


About two weeks after Wilbur and Twiggy flew the coup my neighbor brought me this little guy.  He is just so sweet and calm and was tame in less than 48 hours.  He is still with me and won't be ready to be released for at least 2 weeks.

           Aren't I just so cute?                          Feed me already, would ya!

Petey Spreading his wings in the sun the day of his release
Sadly, he never returned but that tells me he is eating on his own.





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